About The Brawl

The Brawl is Back! May 21 2016 


The Backyard Barbell Brawl is a unique competition to truly test your fitness while having fun at the same time. Our Scaled division will be truly scaled but challenging, perfect for the novice competitor wanting to try their first competition.

*This event will be taking place at CrossFit Everlasting*


RX Teams of 2

Scaled/Masters Teams of 2

Teams options will be:

Male/Male — Female/Female — Male/Female

and you will compete for the same podium!


You can expect 3 workouts for each division.  Don’t be surprised if we surprise you.

WODs will be announced via Facebook  a week prior to each event.

Division Standards

RX: RX means you can do a vast majority of named CrossFit workouts as prescribed. Chest to bar pull ups for both men and women. Ground to overhead 135# men or 95# women. Deadlift for reps 225# for men and 155# women.

Scaled: Scaled means you scale your workouts often. Events will be a scaled version of the RX division. As a rule of thumb, you should be able get through small sets of pull ups in a WOD and do multiple reps of ground to overhead at 75# men or 55# women and deadlift 155# men or 105# women. Note: scaling will be available for pull ups but will affect individuals score on that WOD.

Masters: 45yrs young+, Same standards as the scaled division.  If you can handle more, then sign up RX.




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